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Hip Hop & The Oscars

June 20, 2011

Hip-hop is over thirty-years old, and has grown to be become one of the most successful musical genres in the world. That said, only two hip-hop songs have won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

The first was Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” from 8 Mile (2002). Eminem shared the award with co-writers Jeff Bass and Luis Resto. As awesome as it would’ve been to hear an angry, profanity-laden, free-style acceptance speech from Eminem, he sadly didn’t attend the ceremony; he was taking a time-out from the public eye that year and opted to skip it. Resto (looking slightly cool and slightly disheveled in a blazer and basketball jersey) accepted the award on Eminem’s and Bass’s behalf.

The second was “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp,” from the movie Hustle & Flow (2005) The song was written by Cedric Coleman, Jordan Houston, and Paul Beauregard, two of whom (Houston and Beauregard) are members of the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia. After the trio won, the Oscar host for that year, Jon Stewart, got one of his biggest laughs of the night at Three 6 Mafia’s expense (not to mention the expense of a certain famous director):

“For those of you keeping track at home: Three 6 Mafia…One. Martin Scorsese…Zero.”

Thankfully, Scorsese would win his first Oscar the very next year for 2006’s The Departed.

All the same, Three 6 Mafia beat him to it.

Hard for a pimp indeed.

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